the human whose name is written in the death note shall die

up against my heart

5 October 1988
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Hello! ^^ My name is Meikyou. I'm a shounen-ai novelist, so if you dislike same-sex
chances are you won't like me :3 I'm 19,
and I live somewhere XD I love
anime, manga, and music,
as well as art and yaoi. I like to make
friends, so if you want to talk or
be my friend, go ahead
and add me.

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I dislike people who
are rude or closed-minded or rude, and the
only people I really come close to hating are
homophobics. I believe strongly in gay rights,
and if you argue with me about it, chances
are I'll just ignore you.

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I'm very overly-friendly,
overly-emotional, and overly-sensitive.
Most of my personality is made up of extremes.
I'm obsessive, way too writing-oriented,
and a hopeless fangirl (especially
for Soubi... that man is delicious :3)

If none of this terrifies you, I'd love
to be your friend XDD I'm generally friendly
and have a good sense of humor, and I'm
VERY random, so go right ahead and talk to
me about anything you want.